Mirzapur session 3 Release Date and Cast : एक बार फिर से Guddu Pandit अपना जलवा दिखने को है तैयार, कब होगी रिलीज़ ?

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Mirzapur Session 3 Review: मिर्ज़ापुर के दीवानो ने लिए तो खुशी की बात तो होगी ही आखिर में एक बार फिर से कालीन भैया और गुड्डू पंडित ओ टी टी प्लॅटफॉम पर दिखाई देंगे। मिर्ज़ापुर सेशन 2 और सेशन 3 दोनों ने ही तूफानी को सफलत मिलने के बाद अब सेशन 3 रिलीज़ होने जा रही है। मिर्ज़ापुर के सेशन 3 के रिलीज़ डेट को ले कर लोई ऑफिसियल डेट जारी नहीं हुई है लेकिन ये मन जा रहा है की ये इससे साल जुलाई 2024 में अमेज़न प्राइम वीडियो पर रिलीज़ होगी।

Created by Puneet Krishna and Karan Anshuman, the show is directed by Gurmeet Singh and Anand Ayier. Pankaj Tripathi will once again be seen as the formidable Akhandanand Tripathi, aka Kaleen Bhaiya, while Ali Fazal reprises his role as the vengeance-driven Govind “Guddu” Pandit. Shweta Tripathi returns as the fierce Golu Gupta, Guddu’s sister, and Rasika Dugal portrays the cunning Beena Tripathi, Kaleen Bhaiya’s wife. Prepare to be enthralled by a new chapter in the power struggle, revenge saga, and intricate family dynamics that have captivated audiences for two seasons.

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Mirzapur Session 3 Release Date:

Mark your calendars, Mirzapur fans! The wait is finally over. After years of anticipation, your most favorite Hindi web series, Mirzapur, is set to premiere its next session, ‘Mirzapur Season 3’, on Amazon Prime Video in June or mid-July 2024. You will once again witness the power struggles, vengeance, and complex family dynamics that define this gripping crime drama on OTT. Expect to see the return of fan favorites like Pankaj Tripathi as the ruthless Mafia don Kaleen Bhaiya and Ali Fazal as the vengeful Guddu Pandit. With new characters and a thrilling narrative in the works, Mirzapur Season 3 promises to be an unmissable ride. According to the Mirzapur Season 3 makers, the session is more unique and has the flavor of Season 1.

Mirzapur Sesson 3 Cast

The Main starters of the Mirzapur session 3 are Pankaj Tripathi (Kalin Bhaiya), Ali Fazal (Guddu Bhaiya), Rashika Duggal ( Beena Bhabhi), Sweta Tripahti, and Vijay Verma.

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Mirzapur Session 3 OTT

The wait for Mirzapur Season 3 is almost over! If you’re eager to dive back into the gritty world of this Indian Hindi crime thriller web series, you’ll be happy to know that Season 3 will be released exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. If you are a new viewer and have not watched its first two parts, then you can do so now. Both Seasons 1 and 2 are currently available on Amazon Prime Video, an OTT platform where you can watch by subscribing to the plan according to your suitability. Watch and fully understand the complex power struggles, thrilling revenge plots, and dramatic family dynamics that unfold in Mirzapur before Season 3 is released. To grasp the entire story of Mirzapur, you should watch all the sessions available on Prime Video.

Mirzapur Session 4 Release Date

There is no official confirmation regarding the release of Mirzapur Season 3. During the Mirzapur Season 3 launch event, producer Ritesh Sidhwani, director Gurmeet Singh, and actress Rasika Duggal hinted at the possibility of Mirzapur Season 4 in the upcoming days. The production of Mirzapur Season 4 might depend on the success of Mirzapur Season 3.

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